Cawthar Temple No.118                         
                      Desert of Indiana 
                          Oasis of Evansville 




                             CAWTHAR HISTORY                      

           Cawthar Temple #118: A member of a Christian sect flourishing in            

  Western Europe in the 12th and13th centuries that professed a dualistic 
  belief emphasizing ascetic renunciation of the world and was condemned by

  the Church as heretical.

            On the 28th day in the month of Dulhaggie Hegira 1361 which 

  answers to the 9th day of August in the year of 1923 Noble Raymond  E.

  Jackson, the Imperial Potentate,  issued  a charter for Cawthar Temple

  #118 to be created in Evansville, Indiana.  In that first year  Noble Raymond

  King  was Potentate, Noble Charles W. Weldon was Chief Rabban, and

  Noble Richard  Beam, Assiant Rabban




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